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SSNIC’s mandate is to provide corporates, businesses and individuals with the opportunity to have an online presence, professional email addresses and websites on the .SS platform.

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Benefits of using .ss domains

.ss is the ccTLD - country code top-level domain assigned to South Sudan this domain name is a very popular domain extension and used by people & businesses focused on SOUTH SUDANESE. There are over 500 .ss domain names registered. By booking a local domain name you will instantly tell your audience that you are targeting South Sudan

You don’t need a trade license or be locally based in south Sudan to buy a .ss domain name. International businesses can buy these domains to build a local online presence.

It’s an instantly recognizable domain extension with strong appeal to anyone in SOUTH SUDAN

Frequently asked questions

The Second Level Domain space allows registrations of one name part before the DOT SS with no specialization e.g. name.SS.

This first part of the address after www. that you enter into a web browser (e.g. SSnic.or.SS) to find a web page on the internet. It is also the last part after the @ sign in an email address. Domains are useful for business and personal use, for having your own website, online shop and email address.

There is a lot you can do with a domain name but you first need to add some services to it. For example, if you want to build a website for your business or just for fun, you will first need a Web Hosting package to get the website online. Contact any of our registrars to host your website and emails.

This is an individual, company or organization that registers a domain on behalf of the actual domain name owner or Registrant. Internet Service Providers (ISP), Web Designers and Solution Providers are considered Registrars.

When you register a domain it is usually registered for an initial period of either 1 year or up to 5 years. Upon expiry of the initial registration period, you need to renew your domain with your registrar. The domain remains yours as long as it is registered and active.

Once you have chosen and registered it usually takes up to 30 minutes for all the DNS servers across the internet to know about your new domain name. This means that while you might be able to access your domain, your next door neighbor might not if he is using a different DNS server.