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ssNIC registry is the administrator of the dot SS country code top level domain name (.ss ccTLD), its run under the National Communication Authority (NCA)

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Services that .SS Offers

As ccTLD, we strive to deliver series of capacity building events and awareness of our products focusing on management and operating a successful automated registrar platform, including best practices. We also partner with other regional ccTLDs to share ideas and discuss common regional ccTLD issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer care service team is here for you. We provide onboarding assistance to get your domain up and running.

The first part of the address after www. that you enter into a web browser (e.g. nic..ss) to find a web page on the internet. It is also the last part after the @ sign (e.g info@nic.ss) in an email address. Domains are useful for business and personal use, for having your own website, online shop and email address.

For your domain name to be useful first you need to add some services to it. For example, if you want to build a website for your business, you will first need a Web Hosting package to get the website online. Contact any of our registrars to host your website and emails.

This is a company or organization that registers a domain on behalf of the actual domain name owner or Registrant. Internet Service Providers (ISP), Web Designers, ICT and Solution Providers are considered Registrars.

.ss domains are registered through ssNIC accredited registrars; you can register a domain name for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years, which is renewable upon expiry.

An organization or entity responsible for the management of the Country Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Name space in the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) database. ssNIC is the .ss registary operator.

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The .ss name space is highly provides the opportunity for every name in South Sudan to have its unique Online Identity.

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